Unit 1

1. 名胜 somewhere interesting places of interest

2. 拍了不少照片 took quite a few photos

3. 对…厌倦 get/be tired of

4. 当然 of course/certainly

5. 记日记 keep a diary/diaries

6. 似乎做… seem to do…

7. 给…感觉 feel like

8. 因为 because (of)

9. 带足够的钱 bring enough money

10. 山下 below the mountain

11. 山之巅 at the top of…

12. 决定(不)干… decide (not) to do…

13. 课外活动 after-school activities

14. 厌恶干… dislike to do/doing

15.下大雨 rain hard/heavily

16. 大多数时间 most of the time

17. 影响/起作用 make a difference

18. 等待… wait for

19. 寻找 find/find out

20. 除…没有 nothing…but…

21. 激动地跳上跳下 jump up and down in excitement

22. 沿途 along the way

23. 继续 go on/continue

24. 最后5小时 the last 5 hours

Unit 2

1. 几乎不做家务 hardly ever do housework

2. 去看牙医 go to the dentist

3. 通过这个节目 through this program

4. 摇摆舞 swing dance

5. 保持健康(两种) be in good health / keep healthy

6.一起看电视 watch TV together

7. 消失;死亡(过) die/died

8. 十分忙(两种) quite full/ quite busy

9. 充满 be full of

10.比如喝咖啡 such as drinking coffee

11.对身心健康 be healthy for body and mind

12.杂志的作者 the writer of the magazine

13.至少/至多 at least/most

14.几乎每天 almost everyday

15.少于/多于百分之八十 less/more than eighty percent

16.大概每周一次/两次 maybe once/twice a week

17.然而;不过 however

18.指向 point at

19.上网(三种) go online/surf the Internet/ use the computer

20….的结果 the result of

21.尽管 although

Unit 3

1.更外向的 be more outgoing than

2.两者都 both of/ both A and B

3.哪一个更好 which one is better

4.唱得更响亮 sing(sang) more loudly than

5.说得更轻柔 speak more quietly

6.更努力 be more hardworking

7.赢了唱歌比赛(过去式) Won the singing competition

8.唱得更清楚 sing more clearly

9.虽然 though(不能与but连用)

10.小学 Primary school

11.取得好成绩 get good grades__

12.获取信息 get information

13.严肃对待 be serious about

14.像一面镜子 be like a mirror

15.与..相像 be similar to

16.做..很必要 It is necessary to do sth

17.真的关心 truly care about

18.与之相同 the same as

19.使人发笑 make sb. laugh

20.俗话说得好 as a saying goes

21.伸出援手 reach for one’s hand

22.触动心灵 touch one’s heart

23.摔坏手臂 break(broke) one’s arms

24.和某人分享 share with sb

Unit 4

1.最好的电影院 the best movie theater

2.最大的屏幕 the biggest screen

3.最舒适的座位 the most comfortable seat

4.买最便宜的票 buy tickets the most cheaply

5.最精心地选择歌曲 choose songs the most carefully

6.最有创造力的才艺表演 the most creative talent show

7.认真对待 take…seriously

8.发挥作用 play a role in

9.一日三餐 three meals a day

10.最令人兴奋的魔术师之一 One of the most exciting magicians

11.最差的服务 the worst service

12.例如 for example

13.得到好的奖品 get good prize

14.唱的最优美 sing the most beautifully

15.穷人 the poor

16.新鲜的空气 fresh air

17.放弃 give up

18.记者 reporter

19.adv.相当,十分adj.漂亮的 pretty

20.菜单 menu

21.扮演v. act

22.拥挤 be crowded with

23.各种各样的 all kinds of

24.离家近 be close to home

Unit 5

1.不介意做某事 don’t mind doing sth.

2.无法忍受做某事 can’t stand doing

3.计划做某事 plan to do

4.希望做某事 hope to do sth.

5.期望做某事 expect to do sth

6.查明,弄清 find out

7.有一个关于…的讨论 have a discussion about

8.碰巧做某事 happen to do sth

9.讲笑话 tell jokes

10.代替 take the place of

11.做得好 do a good job

12.参军 join the army

13.装扮成 dress up as/like

14.像…一样简单 as simple as

15.准备好做某事 be ready to do sth.

16.主要原因 main reason

17.变得成功和富有 become successful and rich

18.出现在 appear in/on

19.著名的电影 famous film

20.普通人 common man

21.有意义的/无意义的 meaningful/meaningless

22.美国文化 American culture

23.可能会失去女朋友 might lose the girlfriend

24.不幸运的 unlucky

25.有教育意义的新闻 educational news

26.一个卡通人物 a cartoon character

Unit 6

1.长大(过去式) grow up grew up

2.程序员/厨师/飞行员 computer programmer/cook/pilot

3.小提琴手/钢琴家/科学家 violinist/pianist/scientist

4.对…有把握/确保 be sure about/make sure

5.大学毕业 finish college

6.他们自己吃药 take some medicine by themselves

7.去伦敦接受教育 go to London for education

8.坚持写文章 keep on writing articles

9.把…送给司机/医生(过去式) send…to the doctor/driver

10.下定决心成为一名工程师 make a resolution to be an engineer

11.成为足球队一员 make the soccer team

12.另外一门外语(外国人) another foreign language (foreigner)

13.能够去上大学 be able to go to a university

14.许下诺言 make a promise

15.在…开始 at the beginning of

16.提升我们的生活 improve our lives

17.写下来年计划 write down the plan for the next/coming year

18.身体的健康 physical health

19.和更好的计划有关 have to do with a better plan

20.质疑这个单词的意义 question the meaning of the word

21.开始一个像画画的业余爱好 take up a hobby like painting

22.做每周的计划 make a weekly plan

23.做作业 do schoolwork

24.关于我自己的私人的自我提升 about my own self-improvement

25.讨论不同种类的人际关系v./n. discuss different kinds of relationships

26.太难以致不能坚持 too difficult to keep

Unit 7

1.在纸上 on paper

2.活到200岁 live to be 200 years old

3.将会有更少的污染 will be less pollution

4.关于未来的预测 the prediction about the future

5.处于极大危险之中 be in great danger

6.种植更多的树去保护环境 plant more trees to protect the environment

7.居住在地球上 live on the earth

8.参与到保护地球中来 play a part in saving the earth

9.在海里建造更多的建筑 build more buildings in the sea

10.搬去其他星球 move to other planets

11.世界和平 word peace

12.街对面的一栋公寓 an apartment across the street from here

13.乘火箭去月球 fly a rocket to the moon

14.成为一名航天员 be an astronaut

15.居住在太空站 live on a space station

16.已经在危险的地方或者工厂里工作了 already work in dangerous places or factories

17.反反复复地造车 build cars over and over again

18.像人类的仆人 like human servants

19.信不信由你 believe it or not

20.一些日本的机器人 some robots in Japan

21.同意/不同意某人 agree/disagree with…

22.可能花费数百年时间 may take hundreds of years

23.有不同的形状 have different kinds of shapes

24.寻找建筑物里面的人 look for the people inside the buildings

25.倒塌跌倒(过去式) fall/fell down

26.似乎不可能 seem impossible

27.甚至能够像人类一样思考 even think like humans

28.你同意哪一方?which side do you agree?

29.可能只会养只鸟 probably keep a bird

30.在寒假期间 during the winter holiday

Unit 8

1.剥桔子 peel the oranges

2.切香蕉 cut up the bananas

3.pour…into 把…倒入

4.打开机器 turn on the machine

5.多少奶酪/苹果 how much/many

6.在那之后 after that

7.在…增加 add… to…

8.如何植树 how to plant a tree

9.从…借书 borrow …from…

10.两片面包 two pieces of bread

11.用…填满… fill… with… / be filled with / be full of

12.把..和..混合 mix up / mix… with…

13.用…覆盖… cover… with… / be covered with

14.把..切成薄片 cut… into thin pieces

15.把…招待… serve… to…

16.把…视为 see…as… / regard…as…

17.主打菜 the main dish

18.传统食物 traditional food

19.在儿童节 on Children’s Day

20.在高温下 at a high temperature

21.再煮10分钟 cook for another ten minutes

22.该做…时间了 It’s time to do… / It’s time for…

23.团圆/团聚 get together / reunion

24.把…装盘 place…in a plate

25.忘记干某事 forget to do sth.

26.与…握手 shake hands with

27.两勺蜂蜜 two spoons of honey

28.制作水果沙拉 make fruit salad

29. 挖个洞(过去) dug a hole

Unit 9

1.为考试做准备 prepare for

2.得了流感 have the flu

3.闲逛 hang out

4.追上,赶上 catch up with

5.没有做某事 without doing sth

6.期待做某事 look forward to doing

7.直到…才 not…until

8.有空 be available

9.乐意做某事 be glad to do sth

10.邀请我的同学 invite my classmates

11.接受邀请 accept the invitation

12.拒绝邀请 refuse the invitation

13.回复 reply to

14.在工作日 on weekdays

15.删除信息 delete the information

16.打印邮件 print the information

17.派对准备 party preparation

18.对..感到惊奇 be surprised at

19.开幕式 the opening of

20.学校音乐会 the school concert

21.事件种类 kind of event

22.数以百计的客人 hundreds of guests

23.在日历上 on the calendar

24.在白天 during the daytime

Unit 10

1.班会 a class meeting

2.看视频 watch a video/videos

3.组织派对游戏 organize party games

4.给我一些建议 give me some advice

5.打车 take a taxi

6.环游世界 travel around the world

7.正常的生活 normal life

8.一位谨慎的年轻人 a careful teenager

9.遗失钱包 lose one’s wallet

10.肯定很生气 certainly be angry

11.建议某人做某事 advise sb to do

12.解决问题 solve the problem

13.犯粗心的错误 make careless mistakes

14.感到沮丧 feel upset

15.第一步 the first step

16.相信他自己 trust himself

17.有更多经验 have more experience

18.走三英里到学校 walk three miles to school

19.非常善解人意 be really understanding



  violinist怎么读violinist的中文意思、音标、例句及语法 单词音标 英语音标:[ˌvaɪəˈlɪnɪst] 美语音标:[ˌvaɪəˈlɪnɪst] 转载需注明“转自音标网yinbiao5.com/19-10573.html”,违者必究 中文翻译 n。.




  其实,violin 和violinist 两个都可以,都是名词,都有小提琴手的意思。
   但是violin 有小提琴的意思,所以一般用violinist 比较好。
  violinist 的意思就是,小提琴演奏者,小提琴家。


  小提琴的英文为:Violin 音标是:[ˌvaiəˈlin],注意重音在后边 为了方便理解,我用拼音和汉字把发音写出来:vai 儿 吝 其中v的发音是上排牙齿咬住下唇喷气。
   中中释义 小提琴 [xiǎo tí qín] [violin] 有四根调成相距五度的琴弦的。


  同题英语是:violinist 1、读音 /,vaɪə'lɪnɪst/ 2、释义:小提琴演奏者,小提琴家。
   3、例句 例句1: For a time I thought he would be a violinist. 有段时间我认为他会成为一个小提琴家。
   例句2: He is a scientist and a v。



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